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Looking for a fun party?

Our birthday parties are an all-in-one party for birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs special events and much more.

Tailor your party for your event or enjoy our games and programs below. Enjoy a half field option (20 participants) or full field option (40 participants) (additional participants incur additional fees).

Let us do the work for you and make your child’s day special. We supply the on field coaches at no additional cost to run the party and games, 1 hour on the field and 30 minutes in the party zone (food area).

Coach(es) available with every party rental

Choose a Half or Full Field Event

Soccer- Enjoy fun warm-up games before team-based fun games and competitions. Our soccer parties culminate with a mini World Cup Tournament.

KickBall- Like baseball, players are divided into two teams playing similar positions and running the bases. The one major difference is that instead of pitching a baseball and hitting with a bat, the "batter" kicks a large rubber ball.

Color War- Players are divided into different colored teams and compete in a series of fun competitions. Each competition is worth points, and the team with the most overall points at the end is declared the victor. **Specific requests can be taken for specific games and activities.

Ultimate Frisbee- An incredibly fun sport for all ages, in this fast-paced game teams try to get the frisbee from one end of the field to the other and into the end zone to score a point. Two important rules are that players may not run with the frisbee in their hands and that if the disc hits the ground, the other team takes over control.

Capture The Flag- The classic summer camp game comes to SDA as participants are divided into two teams in a giant game of tag with the ultimate goal of capturing their opponents flag. Using flag football tear away belt loops, players use their speed and elusiveness to escape opponents -before their belt loops are snagged.

In addition to the half field games listed above the full field rental allows us to add two more games.

Flag Football- Once the kids are all suited up with the flags and split into two teams, they will enter the field to the sound of cheering parents from the sidelines, before engaging in a Super Bowl Final Game that will be sure to come down to a final play! The coaches set the line of scrimmage and give the teams plays and trick plays to try and execute to score that all important touchdown.

Foot Golf- A hybrid of soccer and golf, players keep the score as they attempt to kick a ball into the hole in the fewest attempts. Our indoor facility can be easily transformed and customized into a course that meets the needs of any age or experience level. for added difficulty, obstacles can even be added to the course.

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